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After overcoming a life threatening event in my life, I expected to feel a new lease on life, but instead I felt like I no longer belonged here. My near death experience gave me a taste of what bliss feels like and when I awoke from that bliss, this world felt wrong to me. I was out of place, uncomfortable and hollow within. I spent each day, just waiting for time to pass.

This was not me, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not change that feeling. Then one day, everything did change. I began having recurring dreams of myself painting. I had never painted before in my life! Everywhere I looked, I could see brush strokes. This continued every night for 2 months, until I picked up the courage to try painting something.

My first painting was of a landscape, and to everyone's surprise, it looked as though I had been painting for years. Now I am a new person, with a new lease on life. Painting has been my healer, my therapy, my joy, my fulfillment from the moment I started. Welcome to my website, please enjoy this journey with me.

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